The Origin of the Studio's Name

Why 104?

Ten to the power of four is ten thousand. Ten thousand hours makes you an expert, right? It was that simple of an idea. Then as I started analyzing and ruminating on whether it was the best idea, additional answers came to mind.

Molli Benson is my most influential acting coach. When giving a note, she would expect us to acknowledge by saying “roger that” which is the equivalent of the trucker acknowledgment of “10-4,” making the studio’s name a personal reference to her and also a sign of respect for all she taught me.

Speaking of truckers, I am a Teamster, part of Local 399 with most of the members being drivers for Hollywood productions. Borrowing “10-4” from them is a tip of the hat to those with whom I am in solidarity.

For those that prefer the nebulous and esoteric, your first thought upon seeing the name makes you ask, “what does that mean?!?” Seeking answers is at the heart of a true artist and you cannot find answers with unasked questions. The inspiration to find these questions comes from experience which at ten thousand hours might make you an expert.

These answers also illustrate various approaches to your acting choices. From a single question, there’s multiple answers:

This is what the studio hopes to bring to you: an environment to inspire creativity which answers the simplest questions with rich, layered, and nuanced choices that will make your acting shine brighter.